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Handbook of Sociology of Aging

The Handbook of Sociology of Aging is the most comprehensive and engaging treatment of the field over the past 30 years. It is an indispensable resource for scholars, policy makers, and aging professionals alike. The Handbook of Sociology of Aging contains 45 far-reaching chapters, authored by nearly 80 of the most renowned experts, on the most pressing topics related to aging today. … Continue reading Handbook of Sociology of Aging


Not Quite Adults

“Hopeful and challenging, and offering insight that will help us understand this generation,” Not Quite Adults may change everything about the conversations we have about and with teenagers and twenty-somethings. Learn the real reasons why so many young people are choosing slower paths to adulthood, and the unexpected truth—that it’s good for allof us. There are serious alarms, however, … Continue reading Not Quite Adults